Blog Assignment

Blog Week 2 – Deep Thinking Questions…


  1. As you were reading your required section, what were some questions that came to your mind? Write these questions down in your blog (e minimum)? Write these questions own in your blog and include the answer if it was revealed. If it hasn’t been revealed then include what you think the answer will be.

    Look for three passages from this section of reading that you feel were important to the story.  In your blog include the sentence or phrase and explain why they are important to the novel.
  • Choose three of the phrases below and finish the sentence. Make sure to include the because part of the sentence…
  • Something unrealistic or too coincidental in this section is…because…
  • My favorite sentence so far is…because…
  • This book is controversial because…
  • This section helped me understand the problem of …better because…
  • I don’t understand why…because…
  • I was surprised when…because…
  • I was furious when…because…
  •  Find a connection between your section read or the books theme to either a text to self, a text to text, or text to world.  Include the links and or pictures in your blog.  Make sure to include a detailed response in your connection.

Creative Response

Creative Response Post: Week 2


Reflect on the discussion from the live chat and about the video clip.  What are the characteristics (repetitive, purposeful, targeted, etc.) How does this video connect to your book?

Create a collage showing Bullying Characteristics see in the real world and in your novel.  The collage can be done digitally or manually.  You must include:

-a minimum of 10 pictures that explore the topic thoroughly

-a written explanation of your collage which clearly explains the characteristics that you have depicted.

Please put this collage on your WordPress post for week 2.

Optional program to use: Powerpoint, Pic Collage (App) , Pic Monkey, Pic Jointer

Blog Assignment

Exploring Characters


Think back to your novel and how the main character has changed.  In your blog, focus on the main character and answer the following questions:

  1.  At the Beginning the character…
  •  At the End the character…
  • How the character changed….

Choose an important part fro the book that had an impact on the character. Write a paragraph as if you are the character sharing your experiences, thoughts, and feeling about the event.

Creative Response


  1. Reflection on the discussion from the live chat about the video clip.


Character Meme:

Reflect on the discussion from the live chat about the video clip. What does bullying look like in your novel? What does it say about the characters and their reaction to the bullying?

For this assignment you will be creating two memes.

  1. Create one Character Meme showing what a character in your novel is currently experiencing. Try to demonstrate how bullying connects and impacts the life of your character. Put this on your Kigblog. Be sure to include a brief explanation of your meme.
  2. Now, create your own personal meme that shows a reflection about bullying in today’s schools. What can you to do demonstrate that kindness matters.

Blog Assignment

Complete the following Blog – “Making Predictions”

  1. What’s your prediction? Put your novel away. You are going to predict the ending of your novel and include this prediction in your blog. What page are you on? What’s the total number of pages in the book?
  • Which character will experience the biggest change? Based on what you’ve read, which character do you think will experience the biggest change by the end of the book? These changes may include physical circumstances, lifestyle, relationships or thinking/values.  Explain what you think is going to happen to this character by the time the story is over.  Briefly describe the clues in the story that make you think this.
  • How will the book end? What are the clues?  Next, based on what you’ve read so far, how do you think the book will end? What problems will be resolved? What will happen to the main characters other than the one you discussed in Question 1? Brily explain the clues in the story that make you think this.

After you jot note your reaction, share your ideas with your group.

  • How is our theme being portrayed in the setting and development of this novel? Is bullying being introduced in the first section of the readings.